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Meetup every month

Incubate Stuttgart is a free online meetup group that helps entrepreneurs and young companies in their infancy stages, from idea creation to coming up with a minimal viable product.

The meetup takes place in English and is aimed to assist the international crowd in establishing their own startup in the city of Stuttgart
At the end of every meetup is a networking session. Here, you can expect to meet other like-minded individuals and form genuine business connections.

By Bus:
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18:00PM (CET)
A small 1 minute introduction per member
Learning Session
A 15 minute presentation about a topic conducive to entrepreneurship
Keynote Speaker
AMA session with a keynote speaker sharing his story
One on one breakout sessions
Feedback and Suggestions
Suggestions for future topics.
There are other Incubators in Stuttgart. What makes this one special?
This incubator is not special. By all means, try other incubators as well.
The meetup is free of cost, suitable for the international crowd in Stuttgart and allows budding entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to exchange information. If you think this could be worth your time, then please try it.
How do I get notified out about future events?
You can get notified about future events by either RSVPing on the website or joining the meetup group. 

If you missed an event, you can always check out the the video recordings of previous sessions on the LinkedIn page of Incubate Stuttgart
Is the meetup a plot to sell me something?
This meetup is absolutely free. No hidden costs. But of course, holding the meetup costs some money to the organizer. Adding to that, there is the time spent in preparing presentations so that everyone can benefit from it.
So, if you feel that the event was worth it, try contributing anything, from a 5€ Breakfast to a 10€ Pizza at this Paypal link: